Madison Special - 12 WMV Movies

Madison Special - 12 WMV Movies
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Madison Special: 12 Movies
Aspect Ratio: 4x3 - Video format: WMV
Total Time: 2 hours 21 minutes

1. What If We Were Burgled? (11 minutes)
It seems there has been a spate of burglaries in the area, and Madison and Maria are worried by stories of residents being left bound and gagged after they have been robbed. Wondering how they would cope if this happened to them, the girls decide that one of them should try it out to see how easy it is to escape. Maria volunteers a reluctant Madison, tying her to a chair and sticking duct tape over her mouth. Maria then informs her friend that she is going out for a few hours, and expects to see Madison free by the time she returns. Madison issues muffled protests but to no avail. Madison doesn't manage to get free, and she is absolutely furious with Maria when she gets back.

2. Grounded Supergirl (9 minutes)
There must be a trace of kryptonite in those chains holding this supergirl because she can't seem to break free of them. Madison cuts a nice figure in her superheroine outfit and she struggles in vain for freedom. The handcuffs were a little tight and after almost 15 minutes wearing them, she was starting to feel the pressure. That was when we released her from her torment... not that you see her being freed. Oh no, that would never do :-)

3. Miss Gray's Dilemma (11 minutes)
After you kept her prisoner for an entire weekend, Miss Gray was extremely upset and reported you to the school. This led to your expulsion. You can't let her get away with that, so you pay her a visit at her home early on a Monday morning. She is dressed ready for work and just about to go out the front door when you overpower her, drag her down to the basement and put her back in zip ties, this time securing her to the pipes above her head. The addition of some red duct tape from her own toolbox completes her ensemble. Have a nice day, Miss Gray!

4. She's Got It Taped (7 minutes)
Madison has been and left in the woods, secured to a tree by an entire roll of bright green duct tape. She has been there for a while, pulling against the tape in the hope of getting free. Will she succeed in breaking free of her bonds?

5. Imprisoned in Pink (12 minutes)
Madison is taped up in the corner of the office, wearing her pink top and mini-skirt. Her assailant was even thoughtful enough to bring along some pink duct tape to match her outfit. After struggling futilely for a while, Madison rubs the duct tape securing her wrists against the corner of the filing cabinet and manages to break free.

6. She's Been Framed (14 minutes)
Madison has been secured to a garden seat frame with ropes and handcuffs, arms stretched, legs apart. She has no hope of getting free, but that does not prevent her trying. There are several shots up her dress to show her panties as she struggles for a freedom that may never come.

7. A Good Vintage (20 minutes)
Madison is bound and gagged beside boxes of Chateauneuf-du-Pape. She could certainly do with a bottle at the moment! She, like the wine itself, is a good vintage, mellow with a fruity taste and just a hint of a feisty bite. As with the wine, Madison is kept in fine fettle by limiting all unnecessary movement!

8. Home From the Office (11 minutes)
Madison arrives home after a long day at the office, only to be surprised by an intruder while she is opening her garage door. The intruder overpowers her and she finds herself tied to the steering wheel of her car, rope around her waist and neck preventing her from leaning forward to peel the duct tape covering her mouth.

9. Playing Truant (13 minutes)
Madison (playing out the role of a school girl, something she loves to do) has sneaked out of school to visit her boyfriend. When she arrives, she finds that, rather than take her to bed, he'd rather tie her to the bed post and then go out on some business which will keep him away from hours. Madison is secured by wrists, ankles and waist and forced to stand, unable to go back to school unless she can free herself. She squirms and struggles, and gradually manages to free herself, but it isn't easy. With her feet still tied to the bottom of the bed post, she falls over towards the end and has to untie her feet from a sitting position.

10. Bound in Her Gown (11 minutes)
Madison, home from a function, has been tied up and gagged by persons unknown, and left to struggle on the floor in her evening gown. Will the resourceful woman manage to wriggle free?

11. More Burglary Trouble (11 minutes)
Madison just doesn't seem to have any luck with burglars. Just when she is dressed up and ready to go out for the evening, an intruder breaks in and ties her up before robbing the house. Madison struggles valiantly with her bonds, and after a while manages to break the tape holding her left wrist. Even then, it takes her some minutes to escape her bonds completely.

12. All Taped Up Again (11 minutes)
Poor Madison, out for another walk, she has once again ended up snared in green duct tape, this time left to struggle in the back of a Jeep. This time, there is so much duct tape that she cannot wriggle free. It seems that going out into the woods is bad news for her!