Four Handcuffs Clips in One (MP4)

Four Handcuffs Clips in One (MP4)
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Madison Swan, Bella Ink, Sarah Brooke & Becca - Four Handcuffs Clips in One

38 minutes 43 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 1,800.4 MB

1. Arraignment Day - Madison Swan
A simple video where Madison appears standing in her prison cell waiting for the guards to take her to the bus for transport to the courthouse where she will be arraigned. In the second half of the video, Madison is sitting on the bus waiting for it to start moving. Everything was filmed against green screen. This enables filming scenes which would otherwise be impossible.

2. I'm Keeping You Here - Bella Ink
Jessica has been grabbed and handcuffed, and taken to a tiny room by the man who wants to keep her prisoner. She pleads with him to let her go, but instead he unzips her dress, exposing her breasts, and spends a few minutes groping his unwilling victim. Finally, he leaves the tiny room and closes a metal gate, locking her in. Alone now, Jessica leans against the way and slides down to the floor. She turns herself over and lays facing the back wall, unwilling to look her captor in the face. She flexes the handcuffs to see if there is any chance of sliding out of them, but they are on too tight for that. She is trapped, and she has the feeling she is going to be there for a long time.

3. Self-Made Predicament - Sarah Brooke
Sarah loves playing with handcuffs when no one is around, locking her wrists behind her back. Just one little problem today - she didn't think to locate the key before she started her little game. Now in a mild panic, Sarah starts to search for it. The key is not in any of the usual places, so Sarah must resort to something more drastic. She tries to use a drill to make a hold in one of the cuff locks, but the drill and bit combined are too big. She goes to the bathroom and squirts liquid soap onto her wrist, hoping it will lubricate things enough for her to slide her hand out. It doesn't work! She is really stuck and wondering what to do next when the door bell chimes. Sarah looks horrified. Help is right there on the other side of that door, but if she opens it, she will have to face the embarrassment and humiliation at being caught playing her private bondage game.

4. Change Of Ownership - Becca
Becca is taken from the trunk of vehicle and walked to another. She has been captured and traded by the man who took her. This is a delivery to the buyers, and for Becca, a change of ownership. She's love to get away, escape, run... but she can't: Her ankles are shackled; her wrists are locked in handcuffs and these are linked by a chain to a metal collar around her neck. There is no running away, no escape... or is there?