Hijacked Remastered (MP4) - multi-model

Hijacked Remastered (MP4) - multi-model
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Multi-model - Hijacked Remastered

19 minutes 45 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 916.9 MB

Remastered from the original recording - re-edited, color and white balance corrected, enhanced sound.

Flight Attendants Candle and Paige are just leaving their house to go to work when they are intercepted by three terrorists (Becky, Shauna and Kylee) intent on hijacking and then sabotaging the aircraft they are scheduled to fly on that day. The force Candle and Paige back into the house and tie them up, needing only to prevent them going to work while their plan is being executed. Things appear to be going according to plan when an angry neighbour (Dixie) turns up, furious that her driveway has been blocked by all the cars parked along the shared driveway. Dixie is shouting at Becky who has answered the door, demanding to speak to either Candle or Paige. When she won't shut up, Becky forces Dixie inside and she too is tied up.

While rope is being applied to Dixie's wrists and ankles, she announces that she has already called the cops about the obstruction outside. The terrorists believe she is bluffing... until they see a police cruiser arrive and two uniformed officers get out. Kylee and Becky do their best to keep the flight attendants quiet while Shauna answers the door and pretends to be the rightful occupant of the house. Unfortunately for her, there is a cry for help from inside and the police officers immediately push their way onto the premises. They are so focused on the sight of three women tied up in the living room that they fail to spot Becky coming up behind them. Becky jumps Officer Constance, and in the momentary confusion, Shauna disarmed Officer Jasmine. In no time at all, the two officers are locked in their own handcuffs.

Things take a turn for the worse when Kylee receives a call to say that something has gone wrong, and that she must put Plan B into effect. This involves Shauna and Becky actually posing as the two Flight Attendants. They quickly untie Candle and Paige and take their clothes, re-tying the two women in only their tights and panties. The terrorists are about to depart when they hear a knock on the front door. Of all things, there is a mail delivery which has to be signed for. They have no choice but to drag the mail woman (Scarlett) into the house to tie her up and gag her with duct tape. At last, the terrorists depart, leaving the six bound women to get free on their own.