Captured Claire (MP4) - Claire Irons

Captured Claire (MP4) - Claire Irons
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Claire Irons - Captured Claire
21 minutes 01 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 972.7 MB

Claire walks in and sits down at her home computer, ready to check e-mails before leaving for work. For some reason, her computer will not power up. She is just starting to realize something is wrong when a man walks up behind her chair and presses a cloth over her nose and mouth. Claire struggles, trying to pull the cloth away, but it is not long before she stops moving and hangs limp. When she recovers, she finds herself lying on her office floor in a hogtie, and the rope is tight. Her movements are highly restricted. She starts to panic when the same man begins brushing her hair from her face, explaining that he has been paid to make sure she does not leave home for the next twenty four hours. He forces a knotted cleave gag into her mouth and leaves her to struggle. And struggle she does, without success. By evening, Claire finds herself stretched out on her bed, her wrists and ankles ziptied to the bed frame. The man has removed all of her clothes, rendering her exposed and vulnerable. Before leaving her alone for the night, and ignoring Claire's pleas to let her go, he sticks two pieces of duct tape over her mouth and cheeks. Claire fights against her restraints for a while, but in her heart she knows it is futile. After a while, she stops struggling and manages to rest.