Dealing With An Intruder (MP4) - Tilly McReese & Cassandra Cain

Dealing With An Intruder (MP4) - Tilly McReese & Cassandra Cain
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Tilly McReese & Cassandra Cain - Dealing With An Intruder
27 minutes 21 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 1,263.9 MB

Tilly has broken into a house, believing that the occupants are all out. She is not aware that Cassandra has heard her entering the house and is creeping around behind her, watching her. Cassandra creeps to a drawer and retrieves some zip ties and arming herself, then she waits for the intruder to come to her. After getting the drop of Tilly, she proceeds to secure her wrists and ankles with zipties. She is about to call the police when Cassandra suddenly gets the urge to have a little fun with her captive. She gropes Tilly's breasts through her catsuit, feeling her body, smacking her butt. Finally, Cassandra gags her captive with a wide strip of duct tape before lowering her to the floor and using another zip tie to put the catsuited girl in a hogtie. Cassandra goes off to call the authorities, leaving Tilly to struggle. It is some time before Cassandra returns, and by now, Tilly is desperately trying to get her attention. When Cassandra peels back the tape gag, Tilly informs her that she needs to pee. When Cassandra says she can't let her go, Tilly says she will pee on the carpet. Anxious to avoid that, Cassandra agrees to let her use the bathroom. No sooner is Tilly free when she gets the drop on Cassandra. It was all a ruse. Tilly ties the woman with zip ties and begins groping her in return for the treatment she received. She unzips Cassandra's dress, feels her breasts and gropes her body before gagging her before lowering her to the floor. Cassandra helplessly lies there struggling as Tilly helps herself to money and jewelry. Cassandra spots her cellphone on the table and desperately tries to get to it, but Tilly stops her, taking the phone as well. She leaves Cassandra in a tight hogtie to await the arrival of the police. Who knows, maybe they will arrest her instead.