Selling the Package (MP4) - Lydia Lael

Selling the Package (MP4) - Lydia Lael
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Lydia Lael - Selling the Package
19 minutes 25 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 897.4 MB

Lydia has been snatched out of her life and is being held captive, secured to a chair with duct tape. She has been sitting there for hours and is tired of struggling to escape. She knows she ought to continue fighting because the man who grabbed her is negotiating with several potential buyers, each of whom is trying to outbid the other for this attractive girl in bondage. When her captor comes in to take some more photographs for one of his clients, Lydia begins to object again, leading to being tape gagged with multiple strips of duct tape, one of which is partially under her chin, making sure she cannot open her mouth again. When she is informed that one of the buyers has settled the deal, Lydia realizes she is running out of time and renews her efforts to get free. She fights harder this time, straining against the multiple bands of tape pinning her to the chair. She succeeds in breaking some of them but she is still far from free when her captor returns to say they are leaving now. The rendezvous with the buyer is on the other side of the woods, on a quiet road where the exchange will not be witnessed. To get there, Lydia will have to walk half a mile through the snow in her heels, hands taped behind her back, a tape gag still covering her mouth.