Catch You By Surprise (MP4) - Lydia Lael

Catch You By Surprise (MP4) - Lydia Lael
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Lydia Lael - Catch You By Surprise
17 minutes 37 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 814.4 MB

Lydia is a tax inspector who dresses down to disguise her position, and pays surprise visits on people who have submitted inconsistent tax returns, hoping to shock them into admitting that they were cheating on their taxes. She calls on Dave and challenges him to deny that he is trying to cheat the IRS, and demands to see the paperwork with his real earnings. Dave appears to comply and Lydia sits waiting for his return, looking smug because she has caught another one. She does not see Dave creep up behind her, cloth in hand. He grabs her and presses the cloth over her nose and mouth. Lydia fights but she can feel herself slipping away. There is nothing she can do. When the world returns, she finds herself lying on Dave's floor thoroughly tied up with rope - ankles, above and below her knees, her upper thighs, a chest harness cleaving her breasts, and her wrists tied together behind her back. Lydia starts to protest at being treated this way, bringing Dave back into the room with several pieces of cloth in his hand. He pushes one of these into her mouth and ties the other around her head, muffling the girls cries. Left alone, Lydia thrashes around trying to get free. At one point in her struggles, she spots her cellphone on top of a cabinet. If she could only reach it... She tries desperately to get there and eventually succeeds, but before she can make a call, Dave returns and takes away the phone. She switches her gag to a ballgag and throws her down onto a beanbag. Lydia now spots a pair of scissors on a table across the room. It may be her only chance; she must reach them.