Jasmine Is The Prize (MP4 1080p) - Jasmine St James

Jasmine Is The Prize (MP4 1080p) - Jasmine St James
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Jasmine St James - Jasmine Is The Prize
15 minutes 38 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 723.4 MB

Jasmine is relaxing at home on her bean bag. She stretches and goes through to the kitchen to make a coffee. While she is standing there waiting for the machine to go through its cycle, a hooded man creeps up behind her. He grabs her and holds her until she sinks to the floor. He straightens out her limbs before picking her up and carrying her through to the living room.He is not looking for money or other valuables; the only prize he wants is Jasmine herself. He gently lays her down on her front and binds her wrists behind her back, then her ankles together. When Jasmine wakes up, she is both frightened and furious. She is so abusive to the intruder that he pushes a gag into her mouth and ties it at the back of her head. As Jasmine struggles, he feels her breaks through her sweater and puts a hand up her skirt, feeling her thighs. Jasmine continues to thrash around, resisting his attentions until, at last, he produces a cloth and presses it over her nose and mouth, holding it there until she is still. He carries her limp form back into the kitchen and sits her on a chair. Skip forward in time, and Jasmine is now tied to the chair. She recovers to find herself in a still worse predicament and starts demanding that the intruder untie her at once, insulting him in her rage and panic. This earns her a tape gag over her mouth, muting the sound of her cries. She man speaks quietly to her, telling her to calm down. When she asks him through her gag to let her go, he promises that he will, but only after he has felt her gorgeous body some more. Jasmine tries to struggle but she knows her situation is hopeless. When she becomes angry again at being tied up, he tell her that this is not working and departs, leaving her still gagged and tied to the chair.