The Electrician (MP4) - Rachel Adams

The Electrician (MP4) - Rachel Adams
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Rachel Adams - The Electrician
25 minutes 45 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 1,188.1 MB

Rachel has been waiting for an electrician to arrive to find out what is wrong with her cooker. He is three hours late! When the doorbell chimes, Rachel exclaims: "Finally!" She does not seem too pleased when she answers the door, not realizing the mistake she is making. She shows the electrician into the kitchen and shows him what needs doing, then goes back into the living room to continue texting on her phone. Unseen by her, the electrician opens his tool box and pulls out some rope and duct tape. He picks up a socket spanner, creeps up behind Rachel and presses something against her back. She raises her hands. A moment later, the electrician pulls her arms behind her back and ties her wrists together. He makes her kneel and cross her ankles. He ties these together. He next pushes a cloth into her mouth and wraps a combination of microfoam and duct tape around her head. Now he is free to grope her breasts and she is powerless to stop him. Finally, he pushes her down on the floor and puts her in a hogtie. Rachel struggles but can't free herself. Rachel hopes that her ordeal is almost over and the electrician will leave, but instead he proposes to secure her to a chair for "better access", as he puts it. Her wrists are cuffed behind the back of the chair and zip ties secure Rachael's ankles to the chair legs. The electrician now uses a ballgag to quieten Rachel before groping her breasts once more, then putting a hand up her skirt. He asks the girl is she is enjoying it, wondering if she might even manage an orgasm. At last, Rachel gets her wish and the electrician departs to his next job. The trouble is that he has left her cuffed and zip tied to the chair, a ballgag still in her mouth. How on earth is she meant to free herself?