Part Of The Problem & The Problem Remains together (MP4) - Jasmine St James

Part Of The Problem & The Problem Remains together (MP4) - Jasmine St James
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Jasmine St James: Part Of The Problem & The Problem Remains together

59 minutes 13 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 2,544.4 MB

Jasmine is an investigative reporter who has arranged to meet a source who has information about a human trafficking ring operating in the area. To be discrete, she arranges the meet in a secluded spot and waits patiently for her source to arrive. An armed man approaches her from behind and takes her captive, informing her that her source has been taken and is going to be sold, as indeed in Jasmine. The man ties Jasmine's wrists and ankles, gags her, and lifts her into the back of her own SUV.

She is driven to an even more remote location and made to walk through the woods, hands tied behind her back, gag in her mouth, and a collar around her neck. Her captor is leading her by a chain even deeper into the woods. They arrive at a place where stakes have been driven into the ground, and Jasmine is forced to remove her jacket and lie down on her back. She is tied to the stakes in a spreadeagled position, then left there for pickup by the purchasing party. Struggling hard against her restraints, Jasmine manages to escape and hurries through the woods, looking for a road, a house, anything that would enable her to get help. She stumbles across a house and bangs on the door, calling out for the occupant to help her. It turns out to belong to the same man who grabbed her. Jasmine turns and runs, but she is wearing heels and the man quickly catches and overpowers her.

When she wakes, she discovers she has been stripped to her underwear and is hogtied and gagged on the floor. A second man arrives, and he is not pleased at all the delays. He orders that Jasmine be prepared at once for on-line sale. She is untied and forced to change into even sexier lingerie before being tied up in the basement of the house, hands above her head, cleave gag in her mouth. Photographs are taken and sent. Now it is just a matter of waiting. The two mean depart to have a beer, leaving Jasmine tied up and desperate. Without intending it, Jasmine has become part of the very problem she was investigating.

When the buyers experience an unexpected delay, Jasmine's captors moved her to another dingy room where she is left cuffed and shackled to a concrete wall, a gag still in her mouth. Knowing that her fate will be sealed when the buyers finally show up, Jasmine struggles desperately to free herself. Miraculously, she finally manages to slip one hand free of the padlocked leather cuff, pulls her other hand free, wincing in pain as she does so. She fines a piece of wire and uses it to pick the locks in the cuffs secured around her ankles. Free at last, Jasmine escapes from the building and flees through the woods in her lingerie.

Several days later, Jasmine is trying to relax at home (her employer granted her compassionate leave after her ordeal), but she is still jumpy and reacts to every sound. She has good reason to be afraid, because the man who originally grabbed her has found out where she lives. He gets into her home and overpowers her, carrying her to his car where he cuffs her wrists behind the car back and shackles her ankles to the underside of the seat. As he drives her back to his base of operations, Jasmine wakes up and begins screaming for help. Her captor pulls over and gags her with some clear tape, muffling her cries. Finally, they arrive back at the dungeon-like room where Jasmine was held in cuffs. Here, she is forced to climb out of her clothes and put on a sexy black dress, showing plenty of cleavage and thigh. She is now forced to squeeze into a tiny storage bin where her wrists and ankles are tied together, and a cleave gag is added to stop her pleading. Her captor places the lid on the bin and Jasmine cries in panic and being shut in this tiny space. The lid is locked in place and the man lifts one end of it by a handle, wheeling it outside to his car as Jasmine's muted cries are heard from within. There will be no more mistakes; this time, her captor is going to deliver her to the buyer personally.