The Jennifer Collection (MP4)

The Jennifer Collection (MP4)
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The Jennifer Collection
54 minutes 34 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 2,533.5 MB

1. The Bitch in HR Fired Him
Jennifer works in Human Resources at her company, and has the unenviable job of firing people when they don't make the grade with their work. Today is a particular trying encounter when she tries to fire Dave, an employee who has been with the company for years and resents these HR people for passing judgment on him. At the end of the interview, he storms our hurling abuse and threatening to get even. This reaction is not all that unusual and Jennifer thinks nothing more of it, at least not until she arrives home and finds that Dave has broken into her house. He rants at her about how humiliating it is to be fired for a job, and he now plans to turn the tables. He forces Jennifer into plastic cuffs, tightened on her wrists and ankles, then gags her to shut her up. He also decides to blindfold her before unbuttoning her sweater and pulling up her skirt. He promises that tomorrow he will make her call in sick to work so that they can spend days together like this. Jennifer struggles when left alone but the cuffs are thick and tight so there is no way to break them or wriggle out of them. Perhaps a little more compassion would have been a good idea, but it's too late now.

2. Skill Set
Stephanie, who has undergone an acrimonious divorce from her husband, is annoyed that he has kept the necklace he supposed bought her as a gift. Determined to get it back, Stephanie approaches her friend Jennifer whom, she knows, makes a side living as a burglar. She asks Jennifer to steal the necklace for her, promising to share to proceeds when it is sold. Jennifer, happy that her friend has finally made the break, ready agrees. When Jennifer enters the ex-husband's property, believing it to be empty, she finds the necklace exactly where Stephanie said it would be. That is when she is caught red-handed by her ex who recognizes Jennifer at once, saying that he always suspected she was a thief. He fully intends to turn her in to the cops, but to make sure she stays put, he makes her sit on a chair and he sets about tying her up. Jennifer calls him various names including "asshole" as he adds more and more rope, making the prospect of escape ever more remote. To shut her up, he stuffs a cloth into Jennifer's mouth, first holding her nose to make her inhale through her mouth, then wraps microfoam tape tightly around her head. Since her still has a few pieces of rope left, he ties Jennifer up even more, making her increasingly uncomfortable. When she is thoroughly secure, he tells her that he needs to go to work, and that he will call the cops when he gets back. In the meantime, she can just sit there, bound and gagged and unable to summon help from her friend Stephanie. (11 minutes of screen time are spent tying Jennifer to the chair, followed by 5.5 minutes of her struggling alone in a hopeless attempt to get free).

3. In Peril
Jennifer is an investigative reporter who has stumbled onto a big story. She has photographed a congressman taking money from a well-known mobster and she is about to write up the story. However, the congressman has called on a "fixer" to take the girl out of circulation and dispose of her. He grabs Jennifer and tells her that she will never write that story exposing the congressman. He ties her up, placing her in a tight hogtie so that she can't possibly escape. He gags her with duct tape, wrapping it around her head to silence her. Finally, he shows her the device that will be used to take her out and blow her home to smithereens. He places it on top of a piece of cat furniture where she can't reach it and prepares to leave, informing her that when he is a safe distance away he will use his cellphone to detonate the device. Knowing that she is in peril and may only have minutes to act, Jennifer struggles frantically, pulling against the ropes binding her, but she can't make any headway. She will never get free in time! In desperation, she positions herself and kicks at the cat furniture, trying to dislodge the device. At first it does not look as if she will succeed and she almost gives up, but then she renews her efforts and brings it crashing to the floor. The device does not detonate on impact. There is still a chance. Jennifer wriggles around and feels the wiring with her bound hands, seeking anything she can disconnect in the hope of stopping it. She finds a plug and pulls it from its socket. Is that enough? She can't be sure. One thing she is sure about, however; if the device does not detonate the fixer will be back to deal with her in some other way. She simply must get free!