The Cali Logan Collection (MP4) - Cali Logan

The Cali Logan Collection (MP4) - Cali Logan
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The Cali LoganThe Cali Logan Collection

49 minutes 07 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 2,262.5 MB

1. Don't Tape My Mouth, I Won't Scream
Cali has just arrived home and sees a strange vehicle in her driveway. As she steps from her car, a man accosts her and makes her strip off her clothes. Naked, Cali is led to another vehicle where she is hogtied and tape gagged, then both ballgagged and tape gagged at the same time. The ropes are tight and she is going nowhere. She struggles and moans through her gags, but there seems to be no way out of her terrible situation.

2. Excerpt from "The Curiosity Shop: Part 1" (briefly features Keri Spectrum, Cadence Lux & Hannah Perez)
New shop assistant Cali is left in charge of Keri Spectrum's Curiosity Shop owned by Keri. She thinks nothing of it when a harmless-looking old man holds her up and takes her through to the storeroom where he ties her up and gags her. To alay suspicion, he then deals with customers in the shop, waiting for Keri to return from doing errands so that she can open the safe for him. If only Cali could get free she could raise the alarm...

3. Don't Keep Me Tied Up (features Cadence Lux)
One winter's morning, Cadence hides on the back seat of Cali's Jeep and waits for her. An unsuspecting Cali climbs into the driver's seat and is about to start the engine when a cloth is pressed over her nose and mouth. Her efforts to fight off her assailant weaken until she becomes completely still. Cadence lifts the girl from her vehicle and carries her into her house where she ties her up, gags her and then enjoys groping her.