The Jasmine Collection (MP4)

The Jasmine Collection (MP4)
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Jasmine St James - The Jasmine Collection

60 minutes 58 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 2,379.0 MB

1. I'm Not For Sale
Jasmine has answered an advertisement for a Jeep, but upon seeing it she thinks it is just a piece of junk. She picks fault with it, and when the owner asks her if she is wasting his time, she retorts that he has wasted her time. He tells her to wait a minute while he goes into his garage. When he returns he is carrying a cloth which he presses over Jasmine's nose and mouth, lowering her inert form to the ground. When she wakes, Jasmine finds herself tied up inside the Jeep, her legs spread apart and her wrists secured together behind her back. The man gags her with duct tape. He leaves for a while but when he returns, he says he has had an idea; instead of selling his Jeep he will sell her instead. Later, Jasmine is seen stripped down to her bra and panties and secured to a pole with handcuffs and a collar buckled around her neck.

2. The Archaeologist
Archaeologist Doctor Jasmine Croft receives a call from a collector of rare Egyptian artifacts who claims he has acquired a papyru he would like her to translate for him. Jasmine agrees enthusiastically, happy to be getting out of her office for a while. When she sees the parchment, however, it is immediately apparent to her that it has been acquired by illegal means, taken from the very museum where she works. Jasmine attempts to raise the alarm but the collector interrupts her before she can finish the call. When she recovers, Jasmine finds herself zip-tied to a chair. She calls for help and demands to be let go, but when she refuses to translate the hieroglyphs on the papyrus, the collector stuffs a cloth into her mouth and gags her with duct tape. Later, irritated by Jasmine's lack of cooperation, the collector drags Jasmine into the kitchen where he has filled a sink with water. He forces Jasmine's head under the water and holds it there, letting her up for air only to ask her to help him.

3. Vanished on Vacation
Jasmine is on vacation and traveling to a resort, or trying to; she gets lost, and just when she thinks things can't get any worse her car breaks down. She tries to call for help but the area is so remote she is not getting a cellphone signal. She gets out and opens the hood of her car to see if there is anything obvious that she can fix, like a loose terminal. As she is standing there, a vehicle pulls up behind hers. A good samaritan gets out and comes to ask if she is having a problem. He pretends to look at the engine while Jasmine turns away. Suddenly, the man grabs her and drags her backwards towards his vehicle, his hand clamped over her mouth. With her wrists and ankles secured with zipties, he takes her to the basement of his house where he sits her on a chair and ties rope around her waist, securing her to a chimney stack to make sure she can't escape.