The Sara Liz Collection (MP4) - Sara Liz with Becky LeSabre

The Sara Liz Collection (MP4) - Sara Liz with Becky LeSabre
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1. Improper Procedure
Becky is suspected of been selling drugs at her place of work, and her supervisor has notified the police. Officer Sara Liz has been dispatched to investigate the accusation. Becky is just emerging from the house to go to work as Sara arrives. When Becky tries to slam the door in the officer's face, she immediately assumes Becky's guilt and decides that she will have to treat her appropriately. Inside the house, Sara orders Becky to strip so that she can check for any concealed drugs. Becky resists and Sara is compelled to give her some assistance undressing. Because of Becky's uncooperative attitude, Sara decides to handcuff her prisoner. This seems to trigger her own evil side and she abandons proper procedure as she searches the naked girl, groping her prisoner's breasts and checking her butt for contraband. When she finds nothing, she informs Becky that she is going to search the house and that she had better stay put. In Sara's absence, Becky recovers a hairpin from her jacket pocket and manages to pick the locks on the handcuffs - no novice to this situation is she. She jumps up and hides before Sara returns. When the police woman enters the room, Becky gets the drop on her and disarms her. Now she is in control and she orders Sara to take off her uniform. Sara seriously resists so Becky ends up undressing the officer herself. Eventually, Sara is down on her knees and completely naked. Becky now forces the girl to lock herself in her own handcuffs. Now it's Becky's turn to have some fun probing the naked police officer. In fact, she enjoys herself so much that she decides to call in sick for the day so that she can carry on having fun with this very cute cop.

2. Last Day on the Job
Sara has just arrived home from riding her horse, decked out in her equestrian clothes, when she is pulled over by a cop (Becky). The cop asks to see her driving credentials, and when she cannot produce them, the cop makes her step out of her car. When she starts to challenge Becky for stopping her, the cop spins her round and slaps her in handcuffs. Sara expects to be taken to a police station, but instead Becky suggests that they go inside Sara's house. This seems highly irregular to Sara. What she does not know is that this is Becky's last day on the job - she is being fired for inappropriate conduct with female drivers. Feeling she might as well go out with a bang, Becky removes Sara's handcuffs and places her in double-loop zip ties. When Sara protests, Becky threatens her with jail time. When Sara is secured, Becky picks her up and sits her on a chair, using rope to keep her there. Sara cannot protest because Becky has gagged her with duct tape. Now that she has her last victim right where she wants her. Becky begins groping Sara and fingering herself, straddling Sara's lap and kissing her neck to further her gratification. Sara tries to pull away but there is no escape. Worst of all, Becky really seems to like her in her riding gear. Sara has the feeling that this is going to be a very long day indeed.

3. A Place To Hide
Becky is a mercenary in need of a place to lie low, so she grabs Sara, a girl from a comfortable middle class family. She has learned that Sara has a cabin in the woods where the family retreat a few times each year, and Becky demands to know where it is. Sara tells her, so Becky ties her up and drives her into the country in her stolen Jeep. Sara, bound and gagged, is bounced around in the back as the vehicle goes across country. When she has got as close to the cabin as the tracks will allow, Becky unties Sara's legs and makes her lead the ay through the woods to the property. It's an arduous trek for Sara in her high heels and very short skirt (she had expected to be going out on a date), but Becky is relentless and makes her keep moving. At last, they reach the cabin and Becky enters at the back where the utilities are. She takes Sara up the wooden steps to the upper level and into the kitchen. There she places Sara in a hogtie and leaves her to struggle while she, Becky, goes to catch up on sleep.