The Cadence Collection (MP4) - Cadence Lux

The Cadence Collection (MP4) - Cadence Lux
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Cadence Lux - The Cadence Collection
55 minutes 05 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 2,337.3 MB

1. The Plumber
Cadence has been waiting for the plumber to arrive to fix a leaking pipe under the kitchen sink. He is already an hour late! When the doorbell chimes, Cadence exclaims: "Finally!" She does not seem too pleased when she answers the door, not realizing the mistake she is making. She shows the plumber into the kitchen and shows him what needs doing, then goes back into the living room to continue texting on her phone. Unseen by her, the plumber opens his tool box and pulls out some rope and duct tape. He picks up a short length of pipe, creeps up behind Cadence and presses the round end into her back. Making the assumption one would expect, Cadence raises her hands and complies when the plumber starts to tie her wrists together behind her back. Only when he has her lying on the floor with her legs also tied does he show her the pipe, mocking her for believing it was anything more. To Cadence's horror, he asks her if she knows what a hogtie is, then proceeds to demonstrate by putting her in one. He promises to fix the leaking pipe for her, but first he stuffs a handkerchief into her mouth and wraps duct tape around her head. For a while after he gets to work, Cadence stays where she is, finally realizing that her only hope is to get to the front door and maybe summon help. Moving in a hogtie is difficult and it takes a lot of effort for Cadence to move herself along the passageway. She is prevented from reaching the door by the presence of three steps which she can't descend without falling. Before she can try it, the plumber discovers what she is up to. He releases her from the hogtie, lifts her over his shoulder and carries her back into the living room where he sits her on a chair before securing her to it with duct tape.

2. Blonde Assassin
Cadence is an assassin who has been tired to take out some trash in the form of Dave King, head of a drug cartel and a target for his competitors. Cadence, dressed in street clothes to blend in, enters Dave's house through the basement and ascends the stairs. She looks around as she goes but fails to spot him hiding in a recess. He sneaks up behind Cadence and disarms her. Partly for the fun of it and partly to check her for any concealed items, he orders Cadence to take off her clothes. Cadence wants to argue with him but he has her covered and she knows he won't hesitate to dispatch her, so she strip until she stands before him naked. He makes her kneel down then locks a pair of handcuffs on her wrists. He then fores her down onto the floor and zip ties her ankles, using a second zip tie to connect ankles and cuffs until Cadence is trapped in a tight hogtie. No longer willing to listen to what she has to say, Dave gags the girl with duct tape and then departs to make arrangements for her removal, leaving Cadence to struggle helplessly in her inescapable bondage.

3. Snip & Rip
Cadence is standing in a grimy old garage, her wrists handcuffs above her head and a gag in her mouth. She has no idea how she got there; the last thing she remembers is being at a party and drinking something that tasted a little strange... then waking up here. She struggles, knowing that there is no way out of the tightly-closed handcuffs. Her level of alarm increases when a masked man enters the garage brandishing a pair of scissors. She watches in horror as her begins to cut off her dress. The scissors are blunt and it takes some time, snipping, tearing, and more snipping, until finally no part of the dress is attached to her. The man takes the remains of the dress off her shoulder and throws it on the floor. Now the scissors move down to Cadence's panties, and she watches helplessly as the man cuts through them, first one side and then the other, pulling them from between her legs and leaving her wearing nothing but heels and stockings. After a while, he retrieves a zip tie and secures her ankles. Clearly, this cute blonde is going to remain his house guest for some time to come.

4. On the Run
Cadence is on the run from the police. With the law closing in, she dashes into a house hoping to be able to hide there for a while, but no sooner has she entered when a man challenges her, asking what she thinks she is doing in his home. When a police woman knocks on the front door, she pleads with the man not to give her up, promising that she has not done anything bad. The man is in two minds about whether to tell the police woman about her or not, but with an inkling of a plan forming in his mind, he answers the door and tells the police woman he has not seen the suspect they are looking for. When he returns, Cadence thanks him profusely, asking if she can just stay a short while until the police have gone. The man points out that he has just committed perjury by lying to the cop for her, and in wants something in return. Cadence looks worried, wondering if the man is after sexual favors, but he says all he wants to do is tie her up for a while. Cadence looks at him anxiously and asks him to promise that he won't hurt her once she is bound. He duly promises and she allows him to bind her with ropes, then cleave gag her with a cloth. Helpless now, Cadence is distressed when the man leaves the room, saying he will be back later. How long is she going to have to lie there in a tight hogtie. She might have been better off letting the police catch her after all!