Wrong House to Rob (WMV) - Carissa Montgomery & Shauna Ryanne

Wrong House to Rob (WMV) - Carissa Montgomery & Shauna Ryanne
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Carissa & Shauna

31 mins - 619.3 MB - HD (1280x720 pixels)

Carissa is a thief who finds her way into a house and is in the processing of robbing it when, unexpectedly, the owner (Shauna) appears. She is armed and makes Carissa get down on the floor where Shauna applies a pair of handcuffs to her. When Carissa keeps talking, Shauna presses a cloth over her mouth and she sinks into oblivion. When the recovers, Shauna returns with some clothes for Carissa to change into, saying that she is going to try selling her online to a middle-eastern country. Carissa can't believe this but she has no choice other than to unlock herself and change outfits. Shauna puts the handcuffs back on and then adds more to Carissa's ankles, putting her into a restricting hogtie position. Shauna takes a series of photos and goes away to upload them. Carissa struggles even though she knows there is no hope of escape. Shauna comes back in a while saying that she has found a buyer already and is amazed at what he is willing to pay. She explains to Carissa that there is a catch - before he pays up, he wants to see Carissa naked with a noose around her neck, balanced on a stool with her hands cuffed behind her back. Shauna is only too happy to oblige. As soon as Carissa is naked and in a noose, Shauna enjoys a little target practice, deliberately missing but making Carissa so afraid that she almost falls off the stool.