Stripped of Their Assets (WMV)

Stripped of Their Assets (WMV)
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Hannah & Carissa

23 mins - 468.9 MB - HD (1280x720 pixels)

Hannah and Carissa arrive home from a day out to find an intruder in their house. Unwilling to let them go free and raise the alarm, he makes them take off all their clothes. He then gives Carissa some rope and forces her to put Hannah into a tight hogtie. With one girl secured, the intruder sets about tying up Carissa until she too is secured in a hogtie. Next he gags both women with duct tape and blindfolds them. Gathering up both their clothes and the items he has stolen from their home, he departs leaving two naked girls struggling on the floor. It takes a long time but eventually Carissa is able to free Hannah's wrists. She begins untying Carissa, then decides she ought to call the police. With her ankles still bound, she hops into the kitchen ans uses the phone while Carissa continues to struggle with her bonds.