Bound at the Office (WMV)

Bound at the Office (WMV)
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Carissa, Lily, Tina, Melanie & Madison
21 mins - 668.5 MB - SD (640x480 pixels, 4,000 kbps)

An office building has been the scene of a robbery, and all the secretaries have been herded into an area close to a stairwell. As the movie starts, three of the girls are already tied up; now the thief forces one of the two remaining free secretaries to tie up her companion. Once secretary number four is secure, the thief makes the remaining secretary to gag all of the others with duct tape. Now it is her turn: the thief ties her wrists and ankles, quickly secures some rope around her body, and concludes by gagging her. He warns the girls not to try escaping becaiuse he'll be watching on a closed-circuit TV system into which he and his cohorts have tapped. He warns them that if they misbehave, he will remotely detonate the bomb attached to the door behind them. Nevertheless, as soon as he leaves, secretary Melanie starts making attempts to reach the bomb and disconnect the wires before the thief has a chance to set it off. The other secretaries work to free one another from their bondage. They succeed in the end and make a run for it in case the thief returns to deal with them.