No Honour Among Thieves (WMV)

No Honour Among Thieves (WMV)
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Anna, Carissa, Jasmine & Autumn
24 mins - 662.0 MB - HD (1280x720 pixels)

Carissa and Jasmine are cat burglars who work for crime boss Anna, who, they believe, has been cheating them out of some of their cut from the robberies they perform for her. When the arrive at Anna's house and challenge her, Anna becomes angry with them and says she will no longer be requiring their services. She forces Carissa to secure Jasmine with zip ties (wrists and ankles) before she binds Carissa. Anna gags both women with duct tape then goes to her office to contact another of her employees to come and dispose of the pair of trouble makers. Carissa has a knife stashed in the top of her boot and Jasmine is able to retrieve it. The two release one another and sneak up on Anna, binding her with rope. They demand to be told the combination to the safe but Anna, feeling confident that help will arrive at any moment, refuses to give it to them. The cat burglars decide to remove Anna from the premises and work on breaking her will somewhere else, but as they march her to their vehicle, special forces police woman Autumn is watching them, and she is seriously armed. As they bundle Anna into the back of the Jeep and start tying her ankles, Autumn rushes in and takes the two burglars into custody. Inside the house, Autumn and Anna tie up Carissa and Jasmine before Autumn tells Anna that she wants out, and needs one final payoff. Anna says there is no out of this business, but Autumn points her rifle at Anna and forces her into the office where Anna is made to open the safe. She hands Autumn a wad of cash, asking if this is sufficient. While Autumn is inspecting the cash, Anna grabs a mace from the safe and sprays Autumn in the face. Taking Autumn's fallen weapon, Anna marches her back into the living room where she zip ties and gags the police woman before departing - she doesn't want to be around when her hit man arrives to dispose of them all.