All in the Game (WMV)

All in the Game (WMV)
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Anna, Jasmine, Carissa & Autumn
31 mins - 859.5 MB - HD (1280x720 pixels)

Anna in the process of getting ready to go riding with her friend Jasmine Carissa and Autumn come to the door. The visitors force their way into the house, demanding to know about the security arrangements at the stables where Anna rides, convinced that a valuable thoroughbred is hidden there. Anna claims to know nothing about this but the two criminals don't believe her. They tie her up and gag her and say they'll wait for her friend.

A car arrives and Jasmine steps out. She knocks on the door, and Autumn and Carissa answer it, dragging poor Jasmine into the house. Autumn puts Jasmine down and holds her in place while Carissa ties her up. They question Jasmine as she struggles and when she doesn't give up any information either, they gag her too. With the two riders secured, Carissa and Autumn decide to try accessing the stables anyway and leave the two equestriennes bound and gagged, saying they'll be back later. In their absence, Jasmine is able to get free and she releases Anna. The two are about to leave the house and drive away to get the authorities (the criminals have taken their cell phones) when they see Autumn returning. They realize they can't escape and have no choice but to try to overpower her.

As Autumn enters the house, Anna stands in the living room to distract her attention while Jasmine runs up behind her and hits her over the head. The two riders have little experience with tying, but they contrive to bind Autumn effectively. They gag her when she comes to and again think of leaving. Anna then notices that Carissa is coming back too, so the girls repeat their ploy, capturing the second criminal in the same way. When Carissa is firmly bound and gagged, the two girls leave to summon help. Autumn and Carissa struggle in their bonds, trying to free one another, but before they can succeed they hear an approaching siren. A minutes later, police burst into the house. The game is up!