Codes of Misconduct - Part 1 (WMV)

Codes of Misconduct - Part 1 (WMV)
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Hannah, Autumn & Carissa
31 mins - 787.5 MB - HD (1280x720 pixels)

Carissa is snooping around the office of her ex-partner, perpetrator of many successful home invasions. Having betrayed him in the past she now wants to team up with him again to fight a common enemy. When the man finds her in his office, his first act is to tie her up to secure her and make sure she can't get the drop on him. Carissa insists that she has vital information about Hannah, a new private detective who seems to be planning to pool resources with Autumn, their old nemesis. Unsure if he should trust this treacherous woman, the ex-partnet gags her and goes to pay a visit to Hannah to find out if she is really on his case. Left alone, Carissa manages to push the gag out of her mouth but she can't free herself from the ropes holding her to a chair. The home invader enters Hannah's office just as she is concluding a phone conversation with Autumn, agreeing that the two should meet to compare notes. The moment she hangs up, Hannah finds herself face to face with the bad guy himself. The intruder ties her wrists and elbows, then makes her get down on the floor where is also tied her knees and ankles. When Hannah lies to him about where she keeps her notes, the intruder gags and blindfolds her and carries out his own search. Finding what he needs, he places Hannah in a hogtie and departs. Half an hour later, he arrives home and returns to Carissa, untying her now because she told him the truth and helped him out. However, he still does not trust her one hundred percent and keeps a watchful eye on her. At almost the same moment, Autumn shows up at Hannah's office and finds the girl bound and gagged on the floor. As Autumn unties her, Hannah tells her what happened. Clearly, they must join forces to defeat this resourceful and dangerous criminal.