Codes of Misconduct - Part 2 (WMV)

Codes of Misconduct - Part 2 (WMV)
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Hannah, Autumn & Carissa
31 mins - 800.1 MB - HD (1280x720 pixels)

Autumn returns home from work the following day and heads to the kitchen, only to be confronted by the home invaders. Carissa keeps Autumn covered while her boss ties Autumn to a chair. With Autumn securely bound, a phone his held to her head and she is instructed to lure Hannah to her house, or else. Autumn complies and is then gagged. When Hannah arrives, Autumn appears to be alone and, after knocking, Hannah lets herself in. She calls out and hears a muffled cry. Hannah enters the kitchen to discover Autumn in trouble and realizes the bad guys have got to her. She starts to untie Autumn but seems unduly fascinated by the ropes which are holding Autumn to the chair. While Autumn urges her to hurry up and untie her, Carissa and her boss enter the room. Hannah is ordered to sit down next to Autumn and then she too is tied up and gagged. Determined to find the data Autumn has collected on their activities, the invaders go to search the house. Autumn and Hannah work on freeing one another, although Hannah does not seem too inclined to want to get free. She seems to be enjoying her bondage, something which puzzles and annoys Autumn. After a long struggle, the two manage to release one another. Now they have the job of locating the criminals' hideout and finally catching them without getting caught themselves.