Codes of Misconduct - Part 3 (WMV)

Codes of Misconduct - Part 3 (WMV)
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Hannah, Autumn & Carissa
53 mins - 1,371.5 MB - HD (1280x720 pixels)

Safe in their hideout, the home invader and his accomplice Carissa are discussing their situation. It is clear that they must deal with the two inquisitive detectives once and for all. The home invader concocts a plan which involves Carissa luring Hannah to the house by posing as a reporter who needs help, using a southern accent to disguise her identity. The only thing is, he wants to make sure Carissa looks like a victim when Hannah finds her, so he ties her up and gags her. Later, when Hannah arrives, Carissa is lying on the floor with her back to the girl so she doesn't recognize her. When she turns Carissa over Hannah realizes her mistake, but it's too late - the bad guy is right behind her, and he's armed. Hannah is tied to a pole and made to call Autumn before he gags her, luring her to the hideout as well. Carissa has now been freed and seems to have earned her partner's trust at last. He leaves her alone to guard Hannah, but this proves to be a mistake. Carissa's urges take her over as she begins to grope Hannah, removing the girl's gag and kissing her on the lips. Hannah is almost seduced by all this attention and does not resist. After a while, Carissa suggests that she might like to change into a new outfit, something selected from Carissa's own wardrobe. Hannah agrees and Carissa brings her a dress and some new heels to wear. She unties Hannah and the girl changes in front of her. Knowing that Autumn is on her way, and anxious that her partner should not return to find Hannah free, Carissa ties her to a chair and re-gags her. It is not long before before Autumn finds Hannah bound and gagged. she knows something is very wrong, but before she can act, she too is taken by surprise by Carissa and is tied to a chair next to Hannah. Carissa cannot resist a little more intimacy with Hannah, much to Autumn's disgust, but she soon regrets it when her partner finds her "making out" with one of the captives. Realizing that he cannot trust Carissa after all, she is now tied to the pole. Autumn and Hannah are placed on the floor and hogtied (all off camera), then finally all three women are gagged and blindfolded before the home invader departs, leaving them to struggle helplessly.