Columbian Ambush (WMV HD)

Columbian Ambush (WMV HD)
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Lily, Amber, Jasmine & Shauna
24 mins - 585.9 MB - HD (1280x720 pixels)

Lily, Amber and Jasmine are three female diplomats who have just finished attending a summit in Bogota, Colombia and are being driven back to the airport by a local driver. The vehicle begins bouncing over rough, wooded terrain, and the women as the driver where he is going. He explains that he is taking a short cut. The women want to believe him but their are uneasy in such a volatile country. After a while, they grow so concerned that they ask the driver to turn back. Instead, he stops the vehicle just as Shauna, a guerrilla and member of the Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia, emerges from the woods. She orders the women out of the vehicle and very roughly zip ties their hands behind their backs before gagging them with duct tape. The women are marched through the woods in their high heels until they reach one of the group's hideouts where their zip ties are removed and they are bound with ropes. Amber is forced to read a statement into a cellphone camera telling the U.S. authorities that she and her fellow diplomats will be executed if incarcerated members of the Revolucionarias are not released immediately. Amber pleads with them to help just before Shauna transmits the message. Now they have to wait for a response. Shauna tells the driver to fetch supplies because they will be here for some time. Jasmine, tied up a standing position, claims that she needs to use the bathroom. Shauna doesn't believe her at first but eventually relents. She removes Jasmine's shoes, and those of the other diplomats, to make it harder for them to escape. Jasmine is marched to a bathroom with her hands still tied and a gag still covering her mouth. Jasmine persuades Shauna to let her use the bathroom alone. Once the door is closed, Jasmine removes her gag and uses her teeth to free her hands. She then jumps from the bathroom window and makes a run for it. Shauna soon discovers her trick and races after her, soon catching up to the barefoot girl. Meanwhile, Lily has managed to free her hands and unties Amber just before Shauna returns with her recovered prisoner. As they enter, Shauna swears as she sees that the other two diplomats have gone. She does not realize they are hiding behind the door, not until they grab Shauna's arms and force her to the floor, zip tiying the guerrilla's wrists and ankles and gagging her with duct tape before making their escape.