Skiptracers (WMV)

Skiptracers (WMV)
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Hannah & Jasmine
28 mins - 666.7 MB - HD (1280x720 pixels)

Italian criminal Raimondo has escaped from justice in his native Italy and has taken refuge in the property in the United States owned by a business contact. Raimondo plans to lie low until things cool down back home. He is unaware that two skiptracers (bounty hunters) are on his trail. The girls work for different agencies and both are hoping to collect the 10% commission for bringing him in. Jasmine is watching the house and sees the Italian emerge from the front door to collect a newspaper. She emerges from hiding and is is about to move in on him when Hannah, who sneaked up behind her, holds her up and puts her out of commission using duct tape. Hannah's plan is to pretend to be a hooker sent by the owner of the property to entertain Raimondo during his forced isolation. She slips on high heels as a bound and gagged Jasmine watches.  Hannah goes to the front door and introduces herself. Raimondo is very pleased to see such an attractive woman on the doorstep and invites her in. Once inside, he immediately tries to make advances to Hannah, but she slows him down by asking for a glass of wine. Outside, Jasmine reaches for a concealed cutter in her jacket pocket and beings slicing through the duct tape retraining her. Once free, she makes her way around to the back of the house and gains entry via the basement. Upstairs, Hannah now has the drop on Raimondo and is about to arrest him when Jasmine pounces on her, and the two fight. Raimondo takes advantage of the confusion and gets the drop on both of them. He forces Jasmine to zip tie Hannah's wrists behind her back, then he does the same to Jasmine. Raimondo then calls Dave, his business contact, and explains that they have a big problem. When Dave arrives, the two men tie the girls with more rope then march them to the basement where they are further restrained. Before leaving, Dave says they need to get rid of all the evidence and sets a timer to blow up the property. Left alone, the rival skiptracers work together to free one another. They are in a panic because the time is counting down and they may only have seconds left. They manage to free their legs and run from the house with hands still bound and duct tape still covering their mouths. It not a moment too soon - an explosion rips through the basement, knocking the two girls off their feet. They survive, but it was a very close call.