Undercover Hooker (WMV)

Undercover Hooker (WMV)
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Cadence & Laci
20 mins - 483.6 MB - HD (1280x720 pixels)

Laci is a hooker and Cadence is an undercover cop posing as a hooker. Cadence has followed Laci home from "work" to arrest her not only for soliciting but also on suspicion of selling drugs. Pushing her way into the house, Cadence handcuffs Laci and frisks her before going in search of whatever illegal substances the girl may be hiding. With Cadence out of the way, Laci manages to pick the locks on the handcuffs and creeps into the bathroom where she has another substance that she pours onto a cloth. She creeps up behind cadence who is still in the middle of her search and clamps the cloth over her nose and mouth. Cadence struggles, growing weaker as she inhales until her body is completely limp. Laci ties her up, finishing the job as Cadence starts coming to. Laci says she needs to search her in case she is carrying anything illegal, and begins to feel and grope the undercover cop. Unsatisfied, Laci gets some scissors and cuts of Cadence's clothing, saving the panties for last. She cuts these off her victim and stuffs them into her mouth, sealing them in with several strips of duct tape. Cadence is then placed in a hogtie which, Laci tells her, is only fitting for a pig. Laci then begins to enjoy herself with the stricken cop until her cellphone rings - her boyfriend is calling to ask where she is. Anxious not to keep him waiting, Laci says farewell to Cadence and departs, leaving the naked girl struggling in tight and inescapable bondage. (Laci really had tied Cadence tight, so much so that she badly needed to be cut free when filming was complete).