The Italian Job (WMV)

The Italian Job (WMV)
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Amber, Jasmine & Lily
20 mins - 478.6 MB - HD (1280x720 pixels)

Enrico Scarpelli is a well-know collector of ancient swords and daggers. He has an impressive collection, some of which he keeps on display in his home. Today he is being visited by Amber Wells, an Insurance Agent who is trying to persuade him to insure his collection with her company. What she is really doing is keeping Scarpelli and his bodyguard occupied while her colleagues, Lily Anna and Jasmine St. James, break into another part of the house and steal the most precious dagger in the collection. Amber, a collector herself, has been coveting this particular dagger for years and can see no other way to acquire it. During the interview, Scarpelli grows a little suspicious. He vaguely recognizes Amber and is sure he has heard her voice somewhere before. She does her best to reassure him that they have never met, but Scarpelli is uneasy and sends his bodyguard to check on the swords. At this, Amber starts to panic, announcing that she has another appointment and that she must leave. Scarpelli prevents her leaving, making her sit back down and await the return of the bodyguard. In the sword room, the bodyguard catches the two girls in the act of stealing the dagger. He takes them to Scarpelli whose fears were clearly justified. While Scarpelli keeps them covered, he begins to interrogate the three women as his bodyguard ties them up. He works out that Amber is the daughter of one of his rivals and he knows that she too has an impressive collection of swords. In particular, she has the Selim Sword, something Scarpelli has been after for a long time. By threatening her two companions, Scarpelli makes Amber tell him where to find this Selim Sword. He then holds the three women hostage while his bodyguard goes to check out her story. Did she lie, and if she did, what will happen to she, Lily and Jasmine when the truth is discovered?