Jack the Stripper (WMV)

Jack the Stripper (WMV)
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Candle & Autumn
16 mins - 498.5 MB - HD (1280x720 pixels)

Candle is an investigative reporter who has been hounding a man suspected of being Jack the Stripper, someone who has carried out a spate of home invasions where women have been forced to strip before he leaves them tied up, stark naked. With her camerawoman Autumn, Candle has been waiting outside the man's home for him to return. As he gets out of his vehicle and walks towards the house, she intercepts him while asking leading questions. The man refuses to talk to her and pushes the camera away. He goes inside and Autumn turns to leave, but Candle asks her where she is going, saying that she is going to get this interview. The two women enter the man's house and go in search of him. His whereabout is not immediately apparent, not until he emerges from behind a curtain, armed. He makes Autumn turn off her camera and orders both women to strip, saying that they wanted an exclusive and now they've got it. Once they are naked, the man tells them to lie face down on the floor, and he zip ties their wrists. Now that they have confirmed his identity, he has no choice but to dispose of them. He orders them to stand and leads them out to his Jeep, making them climb in the back. He zip ties their ankles and gags them with duct tape before closing the doors and leaving them to wonder about their fate. Not to be defeated, Candle manages to get a door open and the two women hop to their own car. Only when she tries the door does Candle remember that they locked the vehicle. Their only chance of getting away now is to hop into the surrounding woods and hope that Jack the Ripper will not find them.