The Binder's Apprentice: Part 2 (WMV)

The Binder's Apprentice: Part 2 (WMV)
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Cadence, Laci & Autumn. With Dominic as The Binder's Apprentice.
34 mins - 825.4 MB - HD (1280x720 pixels)

Autumn and Laci are relaxing after their bondage ordeal of the morning, wondering how Cadence is doing. Laci points out that they have not heard from her and they wonder if things are going well for the detective. They don't hear any sounds of someone entering the house, but suddenly the Binder's Apprentice is with them again, and now he is armed in order to control them. He is annoyed to find the two women free of their bonds, and is even more convinced now that someone is helping them, probably his new, nosy secretary. But she will have to keep: for now, he has something else he must do. He is determined to carry on and not let The Binder down. He orders Autumn and Laci to take off their clothes and produces new outfits from his bag for them to wear. Once the girls have dressed themselves in the new clothes, the Binder's Apprentice ties each girl's hands behind her back, securing the ends over the stomach to stop her reaching the final knot. Once both are bound, he sits them back to back and ties their ankles and knees. He then wraps rope around their chests and waists, pinning them back to back so that they can't untie one another. The girls keep protesting at this treatment, warning the Binder's Apprentice that the police are watching, that he will get caught. To shit them up, he gags them both before producing his camera and taking yet more photographs for his personal album. After he leaves, Autumn and Laci struggle with their bonds but they are unable to get free. All they can do is wait and hope that Cadence is alright and will come to check on them.

Back at the office, Cadence is still tied to her chair and gagged, unable to get out of the ropes holding her. When Boyle enters the room, she is both concerned and relieved. Boyle pretends that nothing is wrong and begins untying her, asking her if the experience distressed her. Cadence plays it down, saying she hardly minded at all. Boyle plays along too and says she may be right for the job after all. During the conversation, he asks casually if Cadence knows a woman named Autumn. Cadence shakes her head, claiming that she has never heard the name. Boyle lets that pass. Liberated at last, Cadence stands and asks what time she should turn up for work tomorrow. Boyle tells her seven-thirty. They shake hands to cement the arrangement and Cadence departs. She goes straight to Autumn's house, and as she half-suspected she would, she finds the two girls tied up and gagged again. She releases them, telling them that she is going to check them into a hotel for the night when the Binder's Apprentice will not find them. She tells them that she believes tomorrow is the day the Binder and his new Apprentice will slip up, and then it will all be over.