The Binder's Apprentice: Part 3 (WMV)

The Binder's Apprentice: Part 3 (WMV)
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Cadence, Laci, Autumn & Kim. With Dominic as The Binder's Apprentice.
35 mins - 837.1 MB - HD (1280x720 pixels)

When Cadence arrives for work on her second day, she enters to find Boyle not dressed in his suit but in a black commando-looking outfit with heavy boots. She asks what is going on, and he says that he knows what is going on, that she is a cop trying to entrap him. He holds Cadence up and makes her change out of her clothes into a dress he has selected for her. Cadence has no choice but to obey. The change complete, Boyle, now in his role of the Binder's Apprentice, makes her lay down on the floor where he ties her up and places her in a hogtie. He cleave gags her with a red cloth, matching the colour of her dress, then tells her he has a client to see, and that he'll be back to deal with her later. Left alone, Cadence spends a lot of time trying to get free but without success. After lying there trapped for hours, she finally hears someone coming. It is not the Binder's Apprentice, but Autumn and Laci who have grown worried about her and come to check up on how she is doing. Autumn removes Cadence's gag, and Cadence asks the two women to untie her quickly because they have to get out of there before the Binder's Apprentice comes back. The girls have barely started loosening the ropes when they hear the sound of a door opening and closing. Rather than be discovered, they quickly re-gag the protesting Cadence and flee from the room to hide elsewhere in the building. When the Binder's Apprentice enters the room, he immediately spots the loose rope around Cadence's ankles. He arms himself and quickly leaves in search of the intruders he knows must still be nearby.

Cadence has to lay in bondage for another hour before the Binder's Apprentice returns and releases her. He tells her that she has some friends waiting to meet her. Cadence tries to look mystified but fears the worst. Untied, she is forcibly led from the office and into another room in the building, the Inner Sanctum of the Binder's Apprentice. Autumn and Laci are already tied to chairs, both gagged and blindfolded. Worse still, the Binder himself is waiting for them. He orders his Apprentice to stand Cadence again a pole and the two men proceed to tie her to it. Then, she too is gagged and blindfolded. With the women all secured, the Binder complements his follower on a job well done and both men leave the room to get a beer. Soon after they depart, Kim, Boyle's ex-secretary enters through a side door. She is shocked to find three women bound and gagged, and as she moves to free them, she says that she always suspected that it was him, meaning her ex-boss. Before she can untie anyone, however, Boyle, the Binder's Apprentice, rushes into the room, grabs her and sits her down on another chair. He and the Binder tie her up and gag her too. The men remove the blindfolds from the other three girls, and the Binder decides that the chosen one, the girl they will take with them for special treatment, is Cadence. She tries to protest but there is nothing she can do. They untie her, then re-tie her hands behind her back, finally re-applying the blindfold so that she cannot see where they are taking her. The story ends with Autumn, Laci and Kim left bound and gagged in the Binder's Inner Sanctum. Will they get free, or will he return later to deal with them?