Hostage Training (WMV)

Hostage Training (WMV)
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Amber & Jasmine
51 mins - 1,226.4 MB - HD (1280x720 pixels)

Amber's company has recently sent her on a hostage survival training course, a standard procedure in case any of the company executives should ever be taken and held for ransom. She is warned at the end of the course that there may be a follow up test to see how well she took instruction. Now, several weeks later, Amber is working through a ton of paperwork and emails; she is clearly having a very stressful day.  Her secretary Jasmine comes in and asks if she would like to go to lunch, but Amber declines, saying that her day is just way too full and that there is just no way she can get away from her desk with her workload.  Jasmine understands and then heads out to lunch and Amber continues with her work. A few minutes later she hears a knock at the door. Amber rolls her eyes at yet another distraction but tells the person to come in.  Jasmine enters the room with her hands tied behind her back. The man behind her orders Amber to stand and put her hands up. Amber, looking annoyed but not alarmed, puts her hands up as instructed just to play along, realizing that this is the follow up to her training.  Amber tells the man that this is not a good time for her and that she cannot deal with this right now. He tells her to shutup and orders Jasmine to lay down on the floor. He gives Amber some rope and tells her to bind her secretary's ankles. Irritated, Amber complies. She too is then made to lay face down on the floor and the man ties her wrists together behind her back.  Just as the man is about to gag both of the women, Amber tells him she already knows what this is about and asks him not to use the gags. He agrees, provided they both agree to behave themselves.

Once the man leaves the room, Jasmine asks Amber through her gag why she isn't scared.  Amber, also forced to gag talk, tells her about the hostage training course that corporate made her go on, explaining that she had to learn about how to survive such a situation. Upon completion of the course, Amber tells her, the company responsible for the training sends a man to enact an abduction as a final test.  Jasmine wonders why he grabbed her too, and Amber guesses that it would simply seem more real if they were both grabbed. Amber goes on to say that this part of the course was something she specifically requested to be excused from, but apparently her request was ignored. Amber explains that in order to pass the test, they have to get out of the ropes and escape. Jasmine is clearly excited by this major change to her usual boring day. After struggling and moving back to back to loosen each others ropes. It is not easy for them to reach the knots, especially when they can't see what they are doing, but eventually they manage to start working the ropes loose. Before they can get completely free, however, the man returns and catches them. He ties their ropes back up the way they were and puts them into hogties to keep them more secure. This time, he applies the gags without hesitation, ignoring Amber's protests. Left alone again, the girls struggle with their ropes again, but now they have been tied tighter and reaching is even harder now that they are hogtied. They gag-talk back and forth, and Amber is annoyed to realize that Jasmine is somewhat turned on and excited by the reality of being a damsel in distress.  Amber just wants to get loose so she can get back to work. After a while, the man returns and says they will both be coming with him back to his hideout.  Amber finds this very odd as this was not part of the training, and she gets her first inkling that they might actually be in trouble.

Amber and Jasmine are marched into the man’s hideout.  Their hands are tied behind their backs, and they are gagged and blindfolded.  The women are told their blindfolds and gags will be removed and they will be untied. The women agree. Their hands are untied and their blindfolds and gags are removed.  Both women see new outfits and shoes before them, and the man instructs them to take off their clothes and put on the dresses. Amber is now convinced that this is not part of the training course, that she and Jasmine have actually been taken as hostages. Jasmine, unaware of how serious the situation is, sees the outfits and is clearly excited by this further plot twist to the day. The girls both change into the dresses provided, then Jasmine is instructed to tie Amber to one of the chairs in the room. Amber tries to talk her way out of the situation but it's no good. As soon as she is secure, the man ties Jasmine in the same way to the chair right next to Amber. Left alone, Amber tries to convince Jasmine that they are in trouble and that they must work to get free, but Jasmine is secretly enjoying herself and says she thinks they should not do anything to antagonize the man. Amber is horrified but she is unable to get free on her own. What are they going to do?