All Planned Out (WMV)

All Planned Out (WMV)
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Niki, Cadence & Laci
29 mins 689.3 MB - SD (1280x720 pixels)

Cadence and Laci are lying on the floor bound and gagged, seemingly taken captive and kept prisoner. At first, both girls appear to be trying to escape their bonds, but after a few minutes Laci begins taking a lot of interest in Cadence, kissing her and touching her with her bound hands. Cadence tells her to get off, saying through her gag that they need to get out of there before the man who grabbed them comes back, but Laci seems in no hurry at all. Things take a new turn when Laci manages to get free but doesn't untie Cadence. Instead, she begins groping and kissing her friend despite Cadence's disbelieving protests. While this is going on, the man who tied them up returns with Niki, apparently a third victim. He ties Niki's ankles and then re-ties Laci, re-applying her gag and then gagging Niki. The three women are left alone, and soon Laci begins kissing and touching Cadence again. When Niki helps Laci to escape her bonds for a second time, Cadence tries to warn her not to let Laci go since she won't untie them. Sure enough, Laci climbs on top of Cadence with an amused Niki looking on. It is not long before Laci helps Niki out of her ropes and both women start to kiss and caress Cadence, as well as one another. Cadence can't believe what is going on and repeatedly asks to be untied. Only now does it transpire that her two friends have set her up, that it was all planned out - they were the ones who paid the man to grab all three of them purely to get Cadence into this situation. The fun continues until Niki points out that she and Laci have somewhere else to be. They both go and get ready to go out, leaving poor Cadence tied up and gagged, promising to come back and have more fun with her later. Cadence struggles desperately but she seems to have been more thoroughly tied up than her friends and cannot get free. Some friends they turned out to be!