The Cult - complete (WMV)

The Cult - complete (WMV)
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Jessica, Sinn Sage, Cadence, Jasmine & Amber
57 mins - 1,569.9 MB - HD (1280x720 pixels)

All four parts of the story in one movie.
Jessica's car has broken down on a quiet country road. She has no cellphone signal, so in order to get help she has to walk. She finds her way to a remote house and knocks on the door. No one answers. Normally, Jessica would not have persisted, but she had seen no other properties and is completely stranded. She tentatively tries the door. To her surprise, it is unlocked. She pushes the door open a little way, calling out "Hello?" Once again, there is no response. She walks into the house and finds herself in a room with the skeleton of a man seated in a chair, surrounded by the skeletons of various creatures. This strange sight makes her uneasy and she starts to think that entering the house was a mistake. She is about to turn and leave when a gloved hand clamps over her mouth and she feels an arm snake around her waist. She struggles and tries to cry out in alarm but the sound is stifled by the clamping hand. A chilling, sepulchral voice speaks in her ear: "You should not have come here. Don't struggle." Forced down onto the floor, Jessica gets her first look at the dark acolyte who has captured her. She is almost too terrified to move as he produces rope from beneath his cloak and begins to tie her wrists together behind her back, warning her: "If you want to live, don't struggle." Later in the day, Jessica's friend Sinn Sage arrives looking for her, having found her abandoned car close by. She too falls victim to the dark acolyte and is tied to a chair and gagged. Later, she is taken to an old abandoned building where she sit alongside Jessica, both of them bound and gagged. The next day, Cadence, a nosy reporter looking for a story about the Cult of Asmonday, is also grabbed and made a prisoner. Now there are three women ready for the sacrifice; only one more is required in order for the ritual to make Asmonday flesh to be performed. The fourth is supplied when Detective Jasmine St John arrives in search of the missing women. The Dark Acolyte ties her up but she manages to get free and is about to escape to get help when she comes face to face with Amber, the High Priestess.