Epiphany (complete) (WMV)

Epiphany (complete) (WMV)
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Hannah & Carissa
67 mins - 1,853.9 MB - HD (1280x720 pixels)

Hannah and Carissa are at home in their living room having just finished a long day at work. They start to chat about what kind of weekend plans they should make when an unknown man who had been hiding in their house all day emerges and makes them put their hands up. He hands Carissa some rope and tells Hannah to lay down on the floor so that Carissa can tie her up - wrists, ankles, thighs. He then makes Carissa lay down beside her friend and he ties her in the same way. Left alone, the two women whisper to one another, wondering why this guy waiting in their house for them to come home from work instead of simply robbing them. What does he want? They decide to try to untie one another, but the intruder returns before they get very far. He hogties them both to restrict their movements still further, then gags them. Alone again for a few minutes, the women gag talk and again try to free one another, but now it is almost impossible because the knots they need to reach are covered up. Instead of being afraid, the two women start to relax, both experiencing the epiphany that they like seeing one another in bondage. More than like, it is positively arousing. They move close to one another and even kiss a little before the intruder comes back again and explains his purpose. It seems that both Hannah and Carissa work for a company which periodically has large sums of money on the premises, and today happens to be one of those days. He demands to know which of them is most familiar with the firm's security system. The women debate briefly but Hannah has to admit that this would be her. The intruder unties her, saying that she must come with him to assist in the robbery. He warns her that her friend Carissa will remain here in the house bound and gagged, and if Hannah tries to alert the authorities or escape from him, he will return immediately and put a slug between her eyes. Before leaving, the intruder re-gags Carissa and then blindfolds her, leaving her to lay there in a hogtie for hours without being able to see. As they exit the house, the intruder also gags Hannah again so that he doesn't have to listen to her pleading all the way into the city. Part 1 of this story concludes with Carissa struggling to escape from her bondage, but without success.

Hannah returns with their captor carrying two dresses and two pairs of shoes; it seems he has acquired some new clothes for his prisoners. He order Hannah to untie Carissa and bring two chairs into the room. He then watches as the women are made to take off their clothes. Hannah is particularly embarrassed because she has not been wearing a bra. They both wriggle into the new dresses and put on the high heels. Now Hannah has the job of tying her friend to a chair. She struggles with the ropes but she manages to bind Carissa's wrists, ankles and thighs successfully. The man now ties Hannah in the same way, then sets about tying both women to the chairs with ropes around waist and chest. He even adds rope to connect their wrists and ankles to limit their range of movement. Before departing with the proceeds of the robbery, he gags his prisoners and wishes them a nice evening. Alone together at last, Hannah and Carissa gag talk about their experiences - Hannah robbing the office and Carissa being left bound, gagged and blindfolded for hours. They bounce their chairs around until they are back to back, and Hannah tries to untie the rope she earlier tied around Carissa's wrists. Now feeling much safer, the two women are again turned on by seeing one another in bondage, and even laugh about ending up with a pair of nice dresses. After a while, Hannah manages to free Carissa's wrists enough for her to pull her hands free. Carissa finishes untying herself as Hannah watches in anticipation of her own freedom, but once Carissa is loose she doesn't immediately untie her friend. Instead, she straddle's Hannah's lap and begins to caress and kiss her, clearly turned on by having her friend under her complete control. Hannah doesn't resist and the two kiss, thoroughly enjoying themselves now.