Vengeance is Mine (WMV)

Vengeance is Mine (WMV)
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Jessica, Niki, Dee & jamie
18 mins - 499.9 MB - HD (1280x720 pixels)

Several years ago, Dee, Jamie and Jessica managed to embezzle funds from the company where they work and put the blame on Niki. After serving two years in prison for a crime she did not commit, Niki is now desperate for vengeance. She has plans for her three ex-colleagues, which start with taking Dee and jamie during their lunch break and driving them, wrists ziptied and mouths taped gagged, to Jessica's house where Niki has already broken in. She marches her two prisoners into the basement and sits them on chairs and uses another zip tie to connect them back to back to a metal pole. Niki the secures their ankles with more zip ties before explaining to them about the cluster of grenades where she has wired all the pins together. She attaches a cord from these to the garage door handle so that when Jessica arrives and enters through the garage, she'll open the door and pull the pins, blowing all three of them to smithereens. Niki bids the girls farewell as she climbs the stairs, expecting to never see either of them again.

Dee and Jamie struggle with the bonds, trying to get free to disarm the devilish device Niki has created to dispose of them, but they can't wriggle out of the tight zipties Niki has secured around their wrists. They are starting to seriously panic when the hear the garage door opening. They both start to call out through their gags, trying to tell their friend Jessica not to open the door! On the other side of the door, Jessica hesitates, realizing that something is wrong. For the past two years she has felt uneasy about what they all did to Niki and always knew the day would come when she might seek retribution. Erring on the side of caution, Jessica backtracks through the garage and goes round to the front of the house, entering that way. She descends the basement stairs to find her colleagues bound and gagged, and sees the trap she was meant to trigger. She carefully removes the cord from the garage door handle, just to make sure her husband Raimondo does not set it off when it arrived home from work. Jessica frees Dee and Jamie and all three make a run for it, intending to get away from the house in case Niki is still somewhere nearby, waiting for an explosion that doesn't come. 

At the entrance of the garage, Niki intercepts them, and she is seriously armed. She makes the three women walk over to Jessica's car and forces them to kneel down and put their hands on their heads, and cross their ankles. Niki zipties each of them and then gags them with duct tape, ignoring their protests and pleas for her to be reasonable. Niki then makes the girls stand and walk into the woods where she makes them kneel down again. She stands before them, taunting them before she shoots them. That delay is a mistake; Raimondo has arrived home, has realized what is going on and is sneaking up behind Niki. He grabs her and disarms her, saving his wife and her two colleagues. Having been scared to death by Niki, the women now ziptie her to an overhead beam in Jessica's basement where they torture her, punches her as well as exposing and squeezing her breasts. It seems there really is no justice in the world.