Lost Girls (WMV)

Lost Girls (WMV)
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Cali Logan, Cadence Lux & Hannah Perez
24 mins - 766.4 MB - HD (1280x720 pixels; bitrate 4 Mbps)

Hannah is busy berating her partner Bub when the two see a car approaching along their potholed driveway. They see two girls (Cali and Cadence) inside the vehicle, almost certainly lost, and decide to have some fun with them. They go to greet the girls, ostensibly to give them directions, then Hannah suddenly holds them up and forces them to climb out of the car. While Bub keeps the girls covered, Hannah zip ties their wrists. She is about to secure Cadence's ankles when Cali makes a run for it. Hannah gives chase and drags the girl to the ground, promptly zip tying her ankles to make her stay put. She then returns to Cadence and finishes the job by securing her ankles too. She instructs Bub to carry Cadence indoors and then come back to collect Cali. 

Inside, the girls soon find themselves tied to chairs and gagged. They struggle with their bonds, gag talking to each other and hoping to get free before the crazy couple comes back to torment them, but it's too late. Hannah sends Bub off to the hardware store to get some supplies for the weekend. Once he leaves, Hannah admits that she just needed to get rid of him for a while because she hates sharing. She begins to grope and kiss her prisoners, clearly having a wonderful time with them. Cali and Cadence try to resist but there is little they can do while tied up. After a while, Cali has an idea; she pretends to enjoy Hannah's attentions, and when she is ungagged she tells Hannah it would not be fair is she could not touch her too. She says her hands are numb from being tied, but if Hannah were to release her they could have some fun together. Cadence looks on in horror, unable to believe what her friend is saying.

The turning point comes when Cali tells Hannah that she's pretty, and desperate for the girl's attentions, Hannah releases Cali's wrists. While Hannah is kneeling to free the girl's legs, Cali gives her a karate chop to the neck and Hannah goes down, landing heavily on the floor. Cali finishes untying herself and partially frees her friend. Cadence tells Cali to leave her to finish untying herself and to tie up Hannah before she wakes up. With Hannah safely in a hogtie and gagged, the two girls make a run for it, heading for their car. They are intercepted by Bub who has come back for his wallet, and he forces them back into the house where he sees his girl bound and gagged on the floor. He wants to know how the hell this happened as he ties his captives in hogties right next to Hannah. When Hannah recovers, he decides not to untie her since she has obviously been up to something in his absence. Instead, he sticks a piece of duct tape over Hannah's cleave gag to really silence her. He leaves the girls to struggle, and even now, while bound and gagged, Hannah can't resist trying to kiss Cali and touch her breasts. Clearly, the nightmare is far from over for these poor lost girls.