Court Martial (WMV)

Court Martial (WMV)
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Cali Logan, Cadence Lux & Hannah Perez
16 mins - 498.6 MB - HD (1280x720 pixels)

Hannah (who is ex-military and is to be court martialed for selling of secrets to a foreign government) is tied to a chair and struggling. Military Police Cali and Cadence enter the house since Hannah failed to show up for the hearing. The MPs find Hannah bound and gagged. Cali goes to look around while Cadence tries to free Hannah, but the girl is secured with zipties, making it hard for Cadence to make any headway. Outside, Cali looks for any signs of the intruder, but does not see him creep up behind her. He presses a cloth over her nose and mouth and Cali sinks to the ground.

Inside the house, Cadence is having not luck freeing Hannah, and is now becoming concerned about Cali who has been gone too long. Leaving a distressed Hannah still zip tied, Cadence goes in search of her colleague. While she is trying to revive Cali, the intruder steps out from behind their Jeep. Cadence tries to run but the intruder is too fast. He catches her, presses a cloth over her nose and mouth and holds on to her until she has been subdued.

When the MPs recover, they find themselves handcuffed to hooks in the ceiling via zipties, and they are gagged. Next to them, seated on the concrete floor and secured to a pole, is Hannah. The three struggle against their restraints but there is simply no way out. At last, the intruder returns. Hannah makes it clear by <i>mmmphing</i> loudly that she wants to talk to him. Ungagged, she tells him that the two MPs were there to arrest her for selling military secrets, and that she has made a lot of money doing so. She offers to split the proceeds with the intruder if he sets her free and arranges safe passage out of the country for both of them. After some discussion about Hannah's trustworthiness, he finally agrees and releases her. Hannah tells him to go on ahead, that she just needs a few minutes with Cali and Cadence before they leave. Alone with her prey, Hannah decides to have a little fun with the girls. She unbuttons their shirts and fondles their breasts before leaving them cuffed and gagged, with their ankles ziptied, to await rescue, while she heads off to freedom and a much better life.